Political parties’ architectural ambitions

Are politicians frustrated spatial planners at heart? We’re tempted to think so following their recent election campaigning.  The DA in Cape Town wants to turn the estate that houses parliamentarians into low-cost housing. It sends all the right signals: housing 400 MPs costs almost R70 million per year. But we can’t take the party seriously. …

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Party funding fail

This is the first election since the Political Funding Act of 2018 came into effect. We are pretty excited about this, because it will force parties to declare any funder amounts of more than R100 000, ushering in a new era of accountability. Or so we hoped. Last week Thursday the IEC released its first …

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29 July ’21 Wrap: Taxi violence lessons for SA

Hi there 🙋🏽‍♀️ in this week’s edition of The Wrap, we’re looking at at the difficult lessons emerging from Cape Town’s taxi violence; the latest business news – and an exciting achievement for the explain.co.za team! So, let’s dive into your weekly simple news update, brought to you by Verashni Pillay and the AWARD-WINNING explain.co.za …

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