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Mainstream South African media provides elite news that alienates most citizens.

We want to change that.

When last did you check the local news? And when you did, how did it make you feel?

At explain.co.za, we’re tired of news that is difficult to understand and doesn’t tell us the larger story or what this means for our lives.

We’re also done with repeatedly hearing how terrible things are… with little on what solutions are working, and how we can be part of the change.

We know you’re busy. You don’t have time to grapple with technical details of every news story… but you care about your country and you want to stay informed and empowered.

So at explain.co.za we carefully choose news topics that we think most affect your life as a South African and break it down for you.

We also create accessible videos where our presenters and comedians – yes comedians – take you through those concepts that get thrown around in news articles and tell you what they actually mean. Plus we answer your questions: Why is no one in jail yet for state capture? Has BEE really only benefitted a narrow elite? You can also send us the questions you want answered via our social media accounts or contact page on this site.

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Explain subscribes to the Code of Ethics and Conduct for South African Print and Online Media that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the Code, within 20 days of the date of publication of the material, please contact the Public Advocate at 011 484 3612, fax: 011 4843619. You can also contact our Case Officer on khanyim@ombudsman.org.za or lodge a complaint on our website: www.presscouncil.org.za


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