iHad my iPad, but now it is missing

What is South Africa without some light-hearted mockery of our president’s sometimes comical ways? This week’s missing iPad mystery had us in stitches! Before a press conference at the National Ports Authority in Cape Town, Ramaphosa misplaced his iPad, and wondered out loud if it had been ‘stolen’. Hugo, bel die polisie! 😆

Ramaphosa could be heard saying, rather calmly, all things considered: “Somebody has decided to dispossess me of my iPad… Can I have my iPad, please? So they stole it. I had my iPad. Do you know where they took my iPad to?”. 🥺

Shame Cupcake, we see how distressed you were, but also, wow! Imagine a whole president losing his iPad? What if it got into the wrong hands? Thankfully, after an awkward two minutes, Ramaphosa was ‘repossessed’ of his device. The incident prompted SA musician Max Hurrell, responsible for the 2020 lockdown jam “When people zol”, to whip up a new tune … winter kitchen dancing, here we come!

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