“Teeth have become the new boob job”

Remember how we told you that the Zoom boom has resulted in more people wanting to undergo plastic surgery because they’re seeing their faces more often? Clearly without enough to do at home, people are looking to improve the appearance of their teeth – especially with all the fake smiling we have to do (jokes). 

Toothpaste is no longer just toothpaste, it’s a lifestyle. Brands like Spotlight, Kendall Jenner’s Moon, Better & Better and Swiss vVardis have developed toothpastes that cost R700 – we’re serious. Plus, people have turned to using a blue light to participate in a #teethwhiteningchallenge. 

Becoming an oral care influencer is very much a thing now, and brands are playing into it by making products eco-friendly with cute packaging that appeals to millennials and Gen Zs who want to make a good impression in their selfies. Whatever will brands try to make us feel insecure about next? 😬

This article appeared as part of The Wrap, 15 April 2021. Sign up to receive our weekly updates