*Gqeberha reaching day zero*

Day zero is looming in Gqeberha (formerly Port Elizabeth) in the Eastern Cape, due to a long drought and poor management and infrastructure. The dam, which farmers rely on and which supplies about 20% of its capacity to Gqeberha, is currently 4.59% full. Once the dam level reaches 3.1%, the water level is below the sluices and cannot be pumped out, TimesLive reported. This could spell disaster for the people of Gqeberha – but it’s not completely new. 

After six years of drought the whole Kouga subsystem that supplies the larger Nelson Mandela Bay metro is down to 13% of its capacity. Water and sanitation minister Lindiwe Sisulu is looking for solutions to the water issue in the region, saying that a desalination plant would be ready next year, plus there are plans to repair leaking pipes. 

By then it could be too late: people in the city’s townships will suffer the most, and what Gqeberha needs is quick and efficient intervention. Could this be a job for those overpriced Cuban engineers that the department controversially brought in? We hope so. 

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