Catching up with the Commission

Norma Mngoma, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of former minister of home affairs, finance and public enterprises, Malusi Gigaba, dished the chai, hot and spicy, on the eve of Freedom Day about Gigaba’s involvement with the Guptas. If we could describe it in one word, it would simply be “Yoh”. 

A bit of background: Mngoma turned on Gigaba after their marriage fell apart. She then made a beeline for the Zondo Commission. Buuuuut Gigaba must have managed to persuade her otherwise because she then tried to back out of testifying. Too late, Norma! She was issued with a summons so had little choice in the matter. But that didn’t mean she was a reluctant witness. Oh no. 

Here are her hottest allegations:

◾️The Guptas had a “money counter” that looked a lot like an ATM at their Saxonwold compound, which would dispense loads of cash. Cash seemed to follow her husband, Mngoma said, adding that he paid in cash for all sorts of things including renovations to Gigaba’s father’s home in KwaZulu-Natal and to buy those snappy suits the former minister was so fond of. 

◾️Gigaba visited the Gupta house on several occasions, not just twice as he previously claimed. He tried to delete data from Mngoma’s phone showing repeated visits. 

◾️The Guptas wanted him to head key portfolios like finance, public enterprises and home affairs so they could easily permeate and influence operations but Mngoma said Gigaba started to resent pressure. When he didn’t oblige, he was told to “remember why he was appointed.” 

◾️Gigaba DID try to stop her from testifying and asked her to delete images off her Instagram and phone that showed her lavish lifestyle, Gupta-sponsored holidays and even a picture of her getting henna at the Gupta wedding that took place in Sun City. 

Thanks Norma! You and your Instagram account have done the nation a service. 😆 

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