BRIEF: Banned from Twitter for life, Trump’s trial gets underway

Donald Trump’s Twitter ban is final, even if he runs for president again, the social media site confirmed this week. Twitter banned the former US president after his supporters stormed the US’s seat of government, Capitol Hill, on 6 January. 

Trump is on “trial” in the US Senate (like our Parliament) over allegedly inciting the 6 January violence. He was impeached in October last year. 

If Trump is found guilty, he may be banned from ever running for president again (although his daughter, Ivanka, might try to, Vanity Fair reports.)

Trump’s trial opened this week with haunting footage of protestors running riot, assaulting police officers and calling for former Vice President Mike Pence to be “hanged” The New York Times reported.

US law gives its citizens broad freedom of speech rights, something which could work in Trump’s favour. But some lawyers reportedly believe this doesn’t apply, because the impeachment trial is about abuse of power. 

We can’t imagine how annoyed Trump must be right now. 

At least he can’t tweet about it.

This brief was originally published in The Wrap here.

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